List of Countries in South America in Alphabetical Order

Posted by on August 23, 2019

South America, which constitutes the southern half of America, has an area of ​​17 million km². The number of countries in South America is 12 and most have large borders. South America is fourth in the area and fifth in the population. 425 million people live on this continent.

Brazil is the most populous and largest area of ​​South America, while Suriname is the country with the smallest borders and population.

List of Countries in South america

South America has the world’s highest waterfalls, the largest rivers, the longest mountain range. It also has the driest desert and the largest rainforest in the world.

List of Countries in South America and Their Capitals and Languages

Country Name Capital City Official Languages
Argentina Buenos Aires Spanish
Bolivia Sucre Spanish and 36 other
Brazil Brasilia Portuguese
Chile Santiago Spanish
Colombia Bogota Spanish, English
Ecuador Quito Spanish
Guyana Georgetown English
Paraguay Asuncion Spanish, Guarani
Peru Lima Spanish
Suriname Paramaribo Dutch
Uruguay Montevideo Spanish
Venezuela Caracas Spanish


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